Summer Intern at Scott Campbell Photo

Intern Colby posing in front of ivy wall

Over the years we’ve accepted interns for the summer here at Scott Campbell Photo, seeing many of them move on to great companies such as Google or even starting successful photography businesses of their own.

We’ve experienced the full spectrum of interns from excellent to disastrous (I think of the time one dropped a strobe head and chipped the tile of a multi-million dollar home!). Some needed a lot of instruction and at times had been more work than expected, but such has not been the case with this year’s intern, Colby Caldwell.

Colby comes to us from Ohio University in Athens, OH where he is a double major in the Scripps program for Commercial photography and Hospitality, minoring in business. He chose to spend his summer with us because of the wide breadth of work and experience we have here. Also, he had never been to California and was thrilled at the opportunity to spend his summer in beautiful Monterey.

Intern Colby in studio

Intern Colby with flowers at wedding

During his time with us, Colby has contributed in many ways to the studio. He has had a great attitude and a willingness to take on any challenge that has been thrown his way.

We will miss him and wish him all the best as he continues to pursue his passions. We will especially miss his homemade chili, which rocks!

Colby expressed that he has had a worthwhile experience and is sad to leave us, but looking forward to utilizing his newly learned skills in the future; and who knows, he may come back to us someday!